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Interesting... in U.S.A.  from Setsuko's viewpoint.

pinkstar.gif (503 bytes)American shoe size mystery --- I know my Japanese shoe size.  I always wore the same size in Japan.  When I went to Nordstrom's (Department store) to buy shoes for the first time in the U.S., I wasn't sure of my shoe size because of the different measuring systems between U.S. and Japan.  A nice shoe store staff person measured my feet and said "Your size is 5." then smiled pleasantly.  It was a good start of my shoe shopping in this country.   But........interesting...  the size of my sneakers (also from Nordstrom's) is 5, my sandals (from Macy's) are size 6, my jazz shoes (from Moores) are size 6, and my wedding shoes (from Del Amo Fashion Center) are size 7!!!!  The interesting thing is that my feet were measured at all of these stores with the same kind of interesting (to me) measuring device.  I really want to try Saks Fifth Avenue and Barney's New York some time soon.....interesting...
pinkstar.gif (503 bytes)Typical American greeting??? --- Our next-door neighbor ALWAYS says "Hey! What's happening?" in a loud and clear voice EVERY TIME he sees our faces.  To go outside we need to pass his balcony and his front door.  For instance, if I go to check the mailbox, he sees me, then he says "Hey! What's happening?". I answer "Hi" or "Hello" or something.  Then, right after checking the mail box, which is not close to our front door unfortunately, I have to pass by his place again.  Then he says "Hey! What's happening?" again as if he didn't see me a second ago.  I feel obliged to say "Hi, how are you?" or something else again.   If I take out the garbage 5 minutes later, I have to start over again. Because of this American greeting(???) I am afraid to go back to the garage, even if I notice that I left something in my car after I get inside the house.  He just repeats exactly the same sentence all the time.  Annoying........but.....interesting...

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Hey! people in Japan!  This doesn't mean the hula dance is cool now in U.S.A..

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