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Interesting... in Japan  from Todd's viewpoint. 

pinkstar.gif (503 bytes)American Coffee - In Japan, at many coffee shops and fast food places they have two types of coffee (Blended and "American" Coffee). Blended is what us Americans are accustomed to. Just regular drip coffee. However, they also have "American" coffee. This coffee is prepared normally, but then is mixed about half and half with water, making a VERY weak and tasteless brew. Apparently, the story that has been told thru generations, is the following:

The myth... Americans have only recently discovered "good" coffee. Before the advent of Starbucks, Americans thought of coffee as the stuff served at Denny's and the like. When Denny's coffee became too old from sitting on the burner for too long, it was mixed with water to not waste it. Thus was born the myth of "American" coffee. If you visit a coffee shop in Japan, you might see someone order "American" coffee. Most likely the person is Japanese, as most Americans don't like Japanese "American" coffee.

pinkstar.gif (503 bytes)If you want to have fun in Japan - Just for fun, the next time you go to a restaurant in Japan, ask for your dish without onions. You are in for a fun time. First the waiter or waitress will pause, look shocked, then very apologetically say that they don't think that they can do this, say sorry several times, and then say that they will go off to ask the manager. After about 5 minutes of discussion with the manager, the manager will then come to your table. He/she will again apologize and tell you that the dishes can only be prepared as they appear on the menu. The fun part is that this will occur in almost any chain-type restaurant in Japan. Have fun, impress your friends.

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