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b1.GIF (893 bytes)12/4(Fr.)/98      I got an interesting email and 2 jpeg files from a friend in Japan.  He said he has succeeded in his diet.  His weight fell from 83 kilograms to 69.  He says he is very popular among girls now because of that!!  The shocking (?) "before" "after" pictures are here.

b1.GIF (893 bytes)12/1(Tu.)/98      Wow!  Already December?  Time flies like an arrow.(???)   Is this English correct?  I just translated a Japanese saying literally.   hahaha... Busy November finished.  We went on Las Vegas trip and went to COMDEX in our wedding gown and tuxedo.  We drove around on the main streets in Las Vegas with our red convertible car.... of course still in our wedding gown and tuxedo.   It was an extremely happy and nice experience in my life.  The pictures are in process of developing now.  The preview is here!!!

b1.GIF (893 bytes)10/30(Fr.)/98      It was Todd-chan's birthday yesterday.  THANK ALL OF YOU who sent him a "Happy Birthday" mail!!!  We went to a Mexican restaurant last night.  Some waiters sang LOUD a birthday song  for him.  He got a nice dessert and some whipped cream rubbed on his face by a waiter.  It was a nice birthday.  Setsuko's special "Happy Birthday Card" for him is here.

b1.GIF (893 bytes)10/23(Fr.)/98      I have a cold since Tuesday night.  This is really painful.   I cannot concentrate on anything because of running nose and headache.  SAD...   I had been high-spirited and frisking as usual till Monday.  Last weekend, Todd-chan and I went to Universal's "Halloween Horror Nights!!".  It was fun and also pretty scary.  Lots of monsters and maniacs were all over the Universal Studios and scared people!  Maybe I screamed and jumped too much...?  That's why I caught a cold..?  There is no doubt that I spent all my energies on screaming and avoiding monsters with a noisy power saw, which became a little bit annoying later.   But I enjoyed a lot.  Couldn't complain.  I want to recover from this cold soooooon!!!!

b1.GIF (893 bytes)10/9(Fr.)/98      It's Friday!!!! Just like 120 million other people in Japan ( I don't know American population...sorry),  I love weekend.  Because I can spend more time with Todd-chan on weekends and have lots of fun!!!  You might have noticed that I don't write a diary at all on Saturday and Sunday.  Ha ha ha ha.....I got Nakata-san's email today.  Nakata-san is Todd-chan's  fan (kidding) in Japan.  He said he likes this site!!   Thank you!!!  One of  Todd-chan and Setsuko's  fun activities is Karaoke as you know.  Unfortunately  in L.A. there are not so many places to sing Karaoke.  But we found some.  Sometimes we go enjoy sing Karaoke here dayo!   Nakata-san!

b1.GIF (893 bytes)10/8(Th.)/98      Today I got an email from Chika-chan!!!  Chika-chan is my good friend in Japan.  In the mail she said "According to Nostradams's prophecy, in July 1999 the earth will go to ruin.  Some other people say we will have a deluge of rain and a big flood."  So, she recommended me to start learning how to swim soon.  Because I can't swim.  She is very kind.  I have already considered taking swimming lessons before, but then stopped thinking about it.  Because Todd-chan said I would have to wear a swimming cap at school.  Swimming cap doesn't seem right for me. 

b1.GIF (893 bytes)10/7(Wed.)/98      Today I went to Jazz dance class.  Dancing to the music is fun.  I love dancing!!(sounds strange?)  But warm-up exercises are too much trouble.  The instructor (maybe any instructor) makes us sit up and stretch and things like that a lot before dancing.  Last week I tried to cheat.  But the instructor noticed me being not active enough and said "Use your abdominal muscle more!".  I didn't say "I don't have such a thing".  Anyway, because I haven't done any exercises for a long time, just to stretch my legs is painful.   When I talked about it to Todd-chan, he said "So, just be late every time".  His advice is always helpful.

b1.GIF (893 bytes)10/6(Tu.)/98      I'm hungry!!  These days I'm into making web page.   Because I overconcentrate on making Todd-chan's bouncing head, time goes too soon and I cannot eat anything till late afternoon usually.  (3:00pm now)  So it's really not time to write a diary now.  I'll have some frozen meal(sad)  for late lunch watching nice view(happy).  Todd-chan and Setsuko have a nice ocean view!!!

b1.GIF (893 bytes)10/2(Fr.)/98      Did you notice that there is an animated footprint on the top of this page?  For Todd-chan and Setsuko Neko (cat) footprints are meaningful!   Because there are some Nekos always around our house.  They really like sleeping or just resting or whatever on the SOFT top of our sunfire-chan!!!!   So her (sunfire-chan) soft white top and windows are often marked with their footprints.  One day we bought a spray which is harmless but keeps away from Neko.    Todd-chan put spray on a towel and put the towel on the top of sunfire-chan.   Since then I feel Nekos stare at me sharply.  (Just my imagination... maybe..)   However, to put the towel on the top every time  I go home is my daily routine now anyway.  Gomen-ne Nekos!  I got my mom's phone call from Japan now.   She said she got new friends who are high school students.  She mastered men's part/steps of social dance completely.  It was nice to hear her Genki (fine) voice.

b1.GIF (893 bytes)10/1(Th.)/98      Bravo!!  Last night Todd-chan finally got me a scanner at Frys's.  We (mostly Todd-chan) played with the new toy till little late.  Because I'm really particular about scanners, I got little emotional talking about resolutions,pixels or something...   Todd-chan gomen-ne!!  The scanner is really cute and thin.  It looks like a cutting board(?).  I enjoyed shopping at Fry's last night.  Take me to the store once in a while ne Todd-chan.  My sentences sound childish ne!  Please understand that I'm not a native English speaker ne.  I cannot help adding "ne" after each sentence ne.  Beacause Setsuko is a DTP operating, English speaking, jazz dancing, Karaoke loving, audacious Japanese.  And love Todd-chan so much!!!!



Setsuko & Sunfire-chan at Mission Santa Barbara (actually in the parking lot of the Mission)

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Our ocean view desu!!

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Setsuko (left) & Chika-chan (right)

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Nakata-san at Smash hits in Tokyo.  We had a Karaoke party together.   Look at his face!!  Looks so happy..huh?

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Todd-chan Nakata-san Setsuko-chan

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