Introduction... Teacher Setsuko!

Hi!!!  How's your Japanese studying coming along?   "Setsuko's Japanese language lesson" will help you communicate with Japanese people.  I would like to teach you practical and REAL Japanese language used in daily life.  If you are a non-Japanese who is in one of the following categories, you have come to the right page!!

·Studying Japanese language now.
·Have ever lived in Japan but have no idea what they talk about.  (Though they understand whatever you try to say in Japanese)
·Have a Japanese boy/girl friend.
·Can not help starting with "Watashi wa" or "Anata wa" whenever you speak Japanese.

As you know, in Japan if you say something from your Japanese text book to Japanese people, they usually understand what you mean. However, they almost never respond like your book says.  Obviously text books cannot contain all possible phrases.  But the problem is not only because of that.  The main reason why their response does not even sound like the one in your book is simple.   Because they don't speak like that.  Japanese people use lots of shortcuts and slang in conversation. Just like English speaking people do when they speak English. Textbooks don't teach that, so when you speak to a "real" Japanese person, you might not understand what they say back to you. I want to teach you "real and useful" Japanese.

Let's start speaking Japanese like a local today!

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